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The Black Book - Competence

ACR Best Practice Guide

ACR[CP]005:2016 Rev 3 -Guidance note for competence and general
fitness requirements to work on roofs


Working on any roof can be an extremely hazardous activity. Even a basic inspection requires adequate knowledge and understanding of the hazards and issues involved. However in focusing on the building and roof conditions, it is easy to overlook the ability of the people that are employed to go on to the roof to carry out inspections or perform work tasks.

Working on or simply inspecting, any roof requires physical exertion, good balance and mobility.

Workers need to be both mentally and physically fit, competent to do the work and be fully aware of all the dangers that exist and the actions necessary to overcome those dangers.

In addition, those empowered with the responsibility to send others on to a roof need to be totally satisfied that those they are instructing are fully fit and competent to carry out the tasks required.

Using a competent workforce having appropriate levels of fitness is vital in ensuring roofwork safety.

This guide provides advice on what constitutes competency to organise and plan, manage, supervise, and work on roofs. In addition, it gives very general advice on the legal duties for the commissioners of, and clients for, roofwork.

1st published May 2006

2nd edition published March 2012

3rd edition published August 2016

Download pdf (186kb)

Note: Whilst preparing this document the Committee also contributed to the work of the Advisory Committee on Work At Height Training ( ACWAHT) whose documents are now available from their website

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