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The Advisory Committee for Roofsafety [ACR] ( previously known as the Advisory Committee for Roofwork) is a body solely dedicated to making working on roofs safer.

The ACR membership is made up of nominees from the major roofworking Federations and Associations and the Health & Safety Executive, who provide the experience of many years of involvement in working on roofs in the advice given in it’s documents

Every care and attention is taken to ensure the accuracy of the information included in our  documents and this website, however the committee or any individual committee members can not accept responsibility for any errors or omissions contained therein.

All information on this web site and in the ACR publications is Copyright by the ACR however permission is hereby given for it to be used freely although we  ask that if you reproduce it in your own publication, you acknowledge it’s source and include a link to this site (i.e. ).

If you intend to distribute our publications for reward or fee please contact the ACR first.

Your privacy

We do not:

  • record online information without your consent, apart from:
    • domain addresses collected by the web server as normal statistical information of browsing activity
    • your IP address when you use the contact form provided on the site to get in touch with us
  • sell, share, or rent this information to others in ways different from what is disclosed in this statement
  • use cookies on this site
  • We do not disclose information we collect about you except in cases where, in good faith, we believe that:
    • the law requires us to do so, or
    • it is necessary to protect the ACR’s rights and/or interests, or ,
    • where ACR procedure are invoked (as detailed in it’s  publications) which indicate that such information may be disclosed or,
    • if circumstances necessitate acting to protect the personal safety of ACR members and/or third parties (including the public).

    Acceptable Use of the Red Book by manufacturers and suppliers

    The ACR ‘Red Book’ [ACR(M)001] is drafted, owned, maintained and published by the ACR.

    The ACR hereby freely grants permission to anyone, on successful and correct application of the ‘Red Book’ test and procedures, to market /advertise  their products by:

    • using or
    • claiming compliance or equivalence with

     an appropriate ‘Red Book’ designated classification or

    • by reference to the ACR or it’s publication.

    However in doing so the ACR retains the right to withdraw it’s permission for such use from anyone it considers is :

    1. Applying a ‘Red Book’ classification incorrectly or;
    2. Using ‘Red Book’ procedures incorrectly or ;
    3. Claiming equivalence incorrectly.

    The ACR decision in all matters relating to the  correct interpretation/ application of the ‘Red Book’ is final and any use of the ‘Red Book’ to test/advertise products indicates acceptance of these restriction.

    When a new version of the ‘Red Book’ is published it supersedes all previous versions of the publication which  automatically become withdrawn and should be considered obsolete.

    [Note: for the correct way to use & refer to the Red Book in testing/marketing /advertising please see the  Red Book FAQ ]

    page updated 29/04/10

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