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If you wish to write to the Chairman or the Committee on a matter of concern they can be contacted via the secretariat at the following address:

The Advisory Committee for Roofsafety
c/o Roofing House
31 Worship Street

Alternatively you may use the form below to submit your question/comment:

Please Note : Due to the nature of the ACR we cannot respond to communications immediately as any correspondence received needs to be circulated to all members for their consideration. This takes time.

Additionally whilst the ACR is always prepared to provide clarification of any details or wording contained in itís publication unfortunately it is not prepared to answer general / site specific questions about roofwork or roof safety issues or roofwork practise/ roof construction techniques.

Questions of this nature are best addressed direct to the most relevant Trade Association or your local HSE office.

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The Advisory Committee for Roofsafety [ACR] is a body dedicated to making working on roofs safer.  Its membership is made up of nominees from the major roofworking Federations and Associations and the Health & Safety Executive, who provide the experience of many years of involvement in working on roofs in the advice given in their documents.Every care and attention is taken to ensure the accuracy of the information included in their documents and this website, however the committee or any individual committtee members can not accept responsibility for any errors or omissions contained therein