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Complaints Procedure

In order to ensure that spurious claims concerning conformity with it’s material standard do not lead to unsafe assemblies being installed, the Committee has established a complaints procedure to validate suspect claims of non fragility classifications made by manufacturers, installers and suppliers of roofing products.

It is an requirement of the Red Book that anyone claiming compliance with that material standard must be able to state the ACR classification of the assembly specified and on request provide all the test data to support that classification.

If anyone considers a suspect claim is being made they should initially request the test data from the supplier to satisfy themselves that the required tests of the standard have been carried out.

NOTE: The red book requires that all the test data that led to the product’s claimed classification be made available on demand to anyone who requests it.

If they still consider the claim of non fragility is suspect or are unable to obtain the test data to satisfy themselves about the product, they may refer the matter, in the first instance, to their own ACR Trade Association which initially deals with the material in dispute.

[If they are not in a Trade Association they may refer the matter to any of the Trade Associations which make up the ACR [that Trade Association will then forward the matter to the most appropraite ACR Trade Association - usually the one with the most knowledge of the product material being used - to inquire into the matter.]

However if that Trade Association’s inquiry is unable to solve the issue and it considers that the complaint warrants investigation it may formally request the Committee to investigate and validate the claims made by the supplier.

The formal validation procedure agreed by the Committee is shown in the  flow chart:

Note: Any decision made by the ACR in any matter relating to how this complaints procedure is operated or interpreted, including any outcome is final. Additionally please see the FAQ relating to “acceptable use of the Red Book” and how it should be referenced in publicity

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